Courses and Training in Mindfulness

Cost: 4 week sessions £100.00


Small group- limited spaces early booking recommended


Includes recordings and handouts each week.


4 week course starting on


Friday 23rd February 2018 

7 to 8.30pm


The Healthworks

111a Hoe Street (entrance in Cairo Road),



E17 4RX 

Call now to book a place on 020 8503 7794, 07535477191 or email me at

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Feedback from a member of the course:

"I joined the mindfulness meditation course because I am often frantic and my mind is full of chores, work, home, childcare. My mind often feels out of control and disorganised. Since starting the course I am slowly seeing a difference in my stress levels. The daily meditation really helps to put a break on my busy mind. I enjoy watching my thoughts without any pressure to react or respond, it is extremely liberating!

I was interested in the CBT perspective on thoughts and feelings. The three minute breather is a great way to calm down when I feel like I'm about to loose control and react negatively to a situation. The best thing about it for me is realising that I do not have to feel guilty about investing in myself - and that when I do the people around me benefit more than when I don't." 

Read this article in the Telegraph: 

one to one sessions also available.

Businesses and organisations-tailor made packages offered.

 Schools-training for students and staff with .b Mindfulness in Schools Project.