How does the Virtual Gastric Band work?

The virtual gastric band works by the subconscious mind holding onto the firm belief that you have a gastric band fitted and that there is a major reduction in your stomach capacity. Significantly, because your thoughts, emotions and behaviours are focused on with cognitive behavioural therapy, you will notice a completely different, much more positive mind-set and attitude towards food and your eating habits.

Am I suitable for Virtual Gastric Band?

The first thing you need is a strong commitment to your weight loss programme because with any gastric band procedure, virtual or surgical, there are rules you have to adhere to for it to be successful. Similar to any weight loss system, client's who undergo the virtual gastric band must adopt a healthier lifestyle or risk putting weight back on.

The virtual gastric band hypnotherapy is aimed for clients who have a BMI of 25+.

Are there risks to having the Virtual Gastric Band?

Unlike a surgical gastric band, this procedure is 100% safe. There is no invasive surgery, no complications, and no risk of obstructions or slipped bands. No scars, no discomfort, no painkillers required, no healing to undergo as with surgery, and no recovery time. You are back to your normal life straight after the procedure and very importantly this is all for a fraction of the cost of a surgical band.